Diana Schaapveld

Hospital Manager – Brooklyn Park

Diana started in veterinary medicine over 20 years ago, and has been a Certified Veterinary Technician since 2003. As with most veterinary professionals, her love for animals started early. She grew up small hobby farm and it became her mission to find, tame, and care for each litter of kittens. Each injured or sick animal on the farm became a mission for her to save.

Veterinary medicine was a natural fit and Diana spent the majority of her career as a veterinary technician. As she grew in her career, the leadership path started calling to her and her focus shifted from savings animals to growing and leading people.

If you would have told this shy, country kid that someday she would be speaking in front of crowds of people and leading spectacular teams, she would have never believed it. And that growth is exactly what she likes to discover and cultivate within people.

Diana resides in Elk River with her husband, Justin, four boys: Henry, Maverick, Hawkins, and Rockwell, and thier dog, Dash. Downtime is rare, so if she can manage it, you will find Diana rock hunting, enjoying their seasonal camper at the lake, playing video games with her sons, or binge-watching the latest and greatest terrible show.