Meet Our Surgeons

Dr. Chiu
Sam Chiu
(Small Animal Surgery)
Dr. Kiefer
Kristina Kiefer
Dr. Sara
Sara Losinski

At Allied, we're dedicated to delivering premier surgical care for your cherished pets. Our esteemed team of surgeons has been residency-trained in a broad spectrum of surgical disciplines, encompassing orthopedic (pertaining to bones and joints), soft tissue (involving internal organs), and state-of-the-art minimally invasive procedures, which require only small incisions for a faster and more comfortable recovery.

We take immense pride in harnessing the latest technological advancements, such as our elite 4K Scope Tower. This cutting-edge tool enhances our surgical precision by providing extraordinarily clear internal views, and it's equipped with ICG capability—an innovative feature that allows us to monitor blood flow and tissue vitality in real time, ensuring the highest safety and success rates during surgeries.

Allied Veterinary Service boasts one of the most advanced CT scanners in the Minnesota area. Our top-tier 128-slice CT scanner provides rapid, high-resolution 3D images of unparalleled clarity in a matter of seconds, allowing for meticulous pre-surgical planning and optimal outcomes.

Understanding the critical role of pain management in recovery, we deploy an array of advanced techniques to significantly reduce discomfort. These include epidurals (spinal pain relief injections), coccygeal spinal blocks (anesthesia applied at the base of the spine), and regional pain blocks (localized anesthesia to numb specific areas), all aimed at ensuring our patients' utmost comfort.

For routine surgeries, we frequently offer the convenience of returning pets to their loving homes on the same day. Nonetheless, for those requiring enhanced post-operative attention, our facility is outfitted with the most modern implant technology and our compassionate team of veterinarians provides 24/7 care, customizing each pet's recovery plan to ensure their well-being.

Opt for Allied for an elevated, professional approach to your pet's surgical needs. We warmly invite referrals from both veterinarians and pet owners, promising to extend our sophisticated expertise and meticulous care to each patient with the respect and dedication they richly deserve.

Written by: Dr. Sam Chiu BVSc MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery)