Welcome to Instinct Shareville!

Allied Veterinary Services has begun using Instinct EMR Shareville, a unique portal system where referring veterinarians can receive email notifications of patient visits and view chart documents as they are finalized.

How Shareville Sends Records 

When a patient first arrives at our hospital, our team inputs the referrer information into their chart, including hospital name and associated email address. Once a referrer is assigned, Shareville will automatically send a notification via email any time that patient is checked in or checked out of Instinct.


This email will include two links, one that will bring you to the specific patient portal, and another where you can view all patients seen at our hospital with your practice listed as the referrer, as seen below:





As a patient’s visit progresses and chart documents are finalized, they will become available for your practice to view. If a patient has multiple visits, all visits will be listed to allow access of past medical records on demand. Individual documents, specific visit information, or all visit information for a patient can be downloaded through the portal.



How to Log In

The first time your team accesses the patient portal, you will be prompted to create a password prior to login.

A username will never need to be created or entered, as this is authenticated by the portal link and the email address that we have on file for your practice.  If we have multiple email addresses on file for you, the automated email will be sent to all emails listed and you will use the same password for each.

?We strongly recommend documenting and sharing the password with your team, as it will be required any time you are accessing the portal.



?If the password is ever forgotten or needs to be changed, no problem! It can easily be reset using the "forgot your password" option on the login screen.

Troubleshooting Tips

?If you are unable to access the portal, we recommend working with your IT team to ensure the following domains are allowed on your network: *.instinctshareville.vet. We also recommend allowing: *.intercom.io ; *.instinctvet.io ; *.intercomcdn.com ; *.sentry.io ; *.instinctvet.cloud ; *.chargeitpro.com ; *.emergepay.chargeitpro.com ; *.assets.emergepay.chargeitpro.com ; *.app.plumbs.com; * use.typekit.net

?Shareville is best accessed on a chrome browser.

?Check out even more information on Instinct’s Careville Help Desk: EMR Shareville rVet Guide