Dr. Moore

Lead Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Moore is a veterinarian whose passion for veterinary medicine began at a very young age. Growing up in rural North Dakota, she was always drawn to caring for injured animals, often finding herself and her brother rescuing and tending to stray creatures. Their compassion even extended to "fostering" a fawn in their dad's workshop, showcasing Dr. Moore's innate love for animals and dedication to their well-being.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Moore found her calling in Emergency Medicine. While some of the cases she encounters in the ER can be heart-wrenching, she also experiences immense gratification when witnessing the improvement of sick pets under her team's care. This sense of fulfillment motivates her to provide the best possible treatment and support to her patients and their families.

Dr. Moore leads a fulfilling life outside of her professional endeavors. She channels her creativity and skills into DIY home projects. In her younger years, she nurtured a passion for car racing, reflecting her adventurous spirit. Furthermore, she nurtures a love for travel, embracing the opportunity to discover new destinations and indulge in enriching experiences.

Within the field of veterinary medicine, Dr. Moore has a particular interest in neurology and ophthalmology. Through her dedication to ongoing learning and professional development, she aims to deepen her expertise in these fields, further enhancing her ability to provide exceptional care to her patients.

Dr. Moore's unwavering passion for veterinary medicine, coupled with her nurturing nature and enthusiasm for exploring new avenues within the field, make her a compassionate and dedicated veterinarian who is committed to the well-being and recovery of her furry patients.

Iowa State University 2009     
Minot State University, Chemistry