Dr. Rabe

Lead Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Rabe is a Lead Emergency Veterinarian in our Anoka location. He completed his veterinary education at the University of Minnesota in 2015, and pursued studies in Theology at the University of St. Thomas.

Dr. Rabe's passion for veterinary medicine stems from the unique intersection of people, healthcare, and pets. As a science enthusiast who values the well-being of animals and seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of his community members, veterinary medicine became the perfect fit for his interests. One of Dr. Rabe's favorite aspects of his job is the gratification that comes from discharging a happy and healthy patient back to their owner. Witnessing the successful recovery and reunion between pets and their caregivers brings immense joy and fulfillment. Additionally, Dr. Rabe holds a particular interest in critical care, emergent imaging (such as ultrasound), and toxicology. He values the collaborative approach between pet owners, veterinarians, and staff in delivering excellent care.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Dr. Rabe embraces an active and enriching lifestyle. He enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. Spending quality time with his children, dog, and two cats holds great importance to him. Dr. Rabe also nurtures his curiosity for the world by indulging in travel and exploring new places.

Dr. Rabe exemplifies a veterinarian who is passionate about the well-being of animals and the relationships they share with their human companions. Through his commitment to excellent care, collaboration, and a fulfilling personal life, he endeavors to make a positive impact on both his patients and the community he serves.

University of Minnesota, 2015    
University of St. Thomas, Theology