Dr. Udvig

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Udvig is a dedicated veterinarian practicing in our Brooklyn Park location. Driven by a profound love for animals and a desire to assist families in need, Dr. Udvig chose a career in veterinary medicine. She completed her education at the University of Minnesota, graduating in 2007 with a major in Animal Science, and completing her DVM in 2013. 

She possesses a strong interest in pathophysiology and emergency care, constantly seeking to deepen her understanding of these areas. Providing urgent and emergency care to animals and their families is her favorite aspect of the job. She finds fulfillment in being able to make a positive impact during critical moments. Dr. Udvig also values the positive culture within her team and embraces the shared values of Allied.

Outside of her veterinary practice, Dr. Udvig finds joy in spending quality time with her family. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new places, as well as indulging in camping adventures, connecting with nature.

Dr. Udvig exemplifies a compassionate veterinarian who is committed to providing exceptional care to animals and their families. Through her dedication to emergency medicine, passion for learning, and appreciation for quality time with loved ones, she strives to create a positive impact in the lives of her patients and the community she serves.

University of MN, Class of 2013    
Univeristy of  MN, Animal Science Major  2007